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Were you there?

Were you at the concert in Wommelgem?
We are so glad that you were able to join us. We hope you enjoyed the music and the evening. More than that, we hope your spirits were lifted! That’s what we were aiming for. If you want to be sure that you are informed of any future presentations by Listen Up! just keep an eye on this site, "like" uson Facebook, or send a note with your email address or post address (or both) to info[at]listenup.nl or brazle.paul[at]gmail.com.
If you should be inclined to explore any more with us a faith that lives all year long and not just at Christmas time, please let us know. Listen Up! together with the concert organizers, Paul & Carol.


The Christmas story is always special - especially if we hear the complete story. Listen Up! sings in Antwerp and Eindhoven this year at some combined Christmas concerts.
antwerp kerstOn Saturday, December 11 is a worthy repeat of the concert from last year with the Leuvens Meisjeskoor and the Trinid Singers. In 2009 Listen Up! sang with these two groups in Leuven, with plans to continue the next evening in Antwerp. But a beautiful snowstorm meant that it would be 2010 before the concert could be held in Antwerp. Listen Up! will sing several of their new songs, including a completely new song for this concert. Click Concerts for more information about this concert.

kerst jubel

Saturday, December 18 Listen Up! will sing in Eindhoven for the Kerstjubel. This is a beautiful evening to celebrate the Lord Jesusin song and word, together with people from throughout the region. Everyone is welcome. Listen Up! will share the podium with the organizers Zangkoor ImmanuĎl and the music corps of the Salvation Army. Listen Up! will sing twice as much in this program as in Antwerp, with more of their own songs and some well-loved, well known songs. Click Concerts for more information on this concert.

A day to enjoy!

Korenlint was a fantastic experience for everyone who could attend! Wonderful weather, beautiful monuments, and choirs everywhere to tickle the ears. Listen Up! welcomed an enthousiastic audience in the small theater of the Philharmonie, after singing earlier in the day at the Egelantier.


An intimate group was given the pleasure of listening to the last notes of the day in the beautiful Proveniershof. Neighbors who lived there, the cafe workers and passers-by all took a break to enjoy the a cappella song.


(photos courtesy of Jan Spengler

and Michelle van den Bos)

Korenlint is coming!


Korenlint ("Chorus ribbon") is organized by the Federation of Haarlem Choirs. "This year on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 September more than 90 choirs are taking part in Korenlint. In various monumental locations, but also in the Philharmonic, the Toneelschuur and the Stedelijk Gymnasium choirs and choruses from pop to classical and from seniors to children will perform twice for 20 minutes. A fantastically bubbling chorus weekend in the center of Haarlem." You can put together your own chorus ribbon and discover Haarlem musically.
Listen Up! will be singing twice on Saturday, 11 September. First at 2:40 pm in De Egelantier (Muzenzaal), Gasthuisvest 47, and then at 4:20 pm in the Philharmonic (Kleine Zaal), Lange Begijnestraat 11. Enjoy the day in Haarlem (it is also an Open Monument Day) and enjoy the song and message of Listen Up!

Sophie has arrived!

Sophie's Song (Remco, Vero, Veerle, Neo & Listen Up!)

Sophie Anna-Maria Dijkstra, the fourth addition for Remco and Vero Dijkstra, arrived with her own song. You can read more about Sophie and can hear the song at sophiedijkstra.nl. What a great addition!

Kerst in Heverlee

A beautiful, cold, winter evening in a wonderful location. Together with the Leuvens Meisjeskoor and the Trinid Singers from Leuven we had a very special evening of Christmas song. Listen Up! sang their song "Too Much Christmas" for just the second time. This was also an evening to tell how special it is to know Jesus - andf that this is possible for everyone.
Unfortunately, the concert planned for Sunday evening in Wommelgem was canceled due to snow! The song "Scrooge" by Paul Brazle made its premiere this evening in Heverlee. Listen Up! hopesto record this and other songs in the future. It was an exciting, uplifting evening for all.
Would you like to know when Listen Up! sings in 2010? Click here for all information about concerts.

Thank you!

L15TEN UP & SING! was a fantastic week full of song and fellowship.
To celebrate our 15 years together we organized L15TEN UP & SING!. This gave participants from all over Europe the chance to learn something about a cappella song. We had more than 100 participants from 8 different countries who also showed during the concert what they had learned.

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Spread the Word in Maastricht!

After the succesfull launch of their 2nd CD in Haarlem and a tour of five cities in Switzerland the sunny south can now also enjoy a cappella group Listen Up!.
On Sunday, June 15 the festivities come to Maastricht with the presentation of the CD (see the details here). As in Haarlem Listen Up! will sing some of the songs from the new CD "Yesterday is Coming" as well as favorites from the first CD "Old Stories, New Songs".
This gospel group has as its motto: 'We think words are pretty important' and since they don't want to show this only in a musical way, they started a unique project during the EO-youth day last year.
During the launch of their new CD they continue this project by passing out 'compliment cards', on which those present can write a kind word to one another. Our society is only getting harder: people react in frustration and are interested less and less in their fellow man. High time, then, for a nice compliment to your neighbor, classmate, family member, colleague or someone in the auditorium. Spread the word!

CD review

Listen Up! worked hard to make their second CD - "Yesterday is Coming" - complete and challenging. The folks at "Christelijkconcertagenda", a site which presents Christian artists and news and reviews Christian music reviewed this new CD recently. This is the translated text (you can read the original review in Dutch here).

"Surprising, this a capella formation from our own country! With the exceptional title 'Yesterday is coming' a capella group Listen Up! presents their first CD with juicy gospel songs written by their own hand.

The numbers are strong and the melody lines are easy to listen to; here and there a bit sentimental, but definitely believable. The harmonies are melodious and the voices impress well in all registers.'My Saviour's pain' is a pure song that touches you deeply, beautifully and gently sung by Iris.'Yesterday is coming soon' on the other hand is a technically complicated number that gets swinging. A whole bunch of text flies by, but the number excites all the way to the end.The number 'My sweet baby' has a more classical feel, as opposed to the rest of the songs. It has a beautiful text, but becomes a bit square by the direct way it is sung. Because of this the depth of the text doesn't quite hit home.'The city of God' is a beautiful, serene number and 'Another holiday'is also very well sung; the text is metaphorical and funny.

The leads of Listen Up! clearly have their own color and quality(!) and give the texts color/meaning, but sometimes tend to get a bit sappy.In general their is a lack of tension dynamically. The songs all continue at the same volume. The impression is that this is due to the manner of recording.

Compliments to Rob Sjouke who is responsible for most of the texts and compositions on this wonderful CD!"Ida Gorissen

Of course you can also listen to parts of the CD yourself and enjoy the texts or order or download the CD.

For everyone!


Photos © Ana Mamaliga

"We think words are pretty important!" This is what Listen Up! wants to pass on to listeners everywhere. They are using theirunique blend of voices with texts pulled from their own lives and experiences to let listeners know how good it is to listen Up - to listen to God!
This is a message they want to pass on to everyone, wherever they go, a message of good news, passed on in song and a style of living that includes telling people good news. This is why Listen Up! wants to "Spread the Word", by helping people tell good things about each other.

BergThunPhotos © Ana Mamaliga

In September the three-man, two-woman formation launched their new CD "Yetserday is coming" with a resounding concert in their home town of Haarlem. After new a cappella group "In Hymn" welcomed the audience, Listen Up! presented some of the songs from the new CD as well as favorites from their first CD "Old Stories, New Songs". A few weeks later they were off to Switzerland for a tour of five cities there. Now their CD's, the music and the message are available to everyone. Listen Up! sings about everyday life, about the questions we all have and about the answers they have found for their lives. From the classical "Saviour's Pain" to the pop sound of "Don't forget!", the touching story of "My sweet baby" or the fast-moving "Yesterday is coming" - the music of Listen Up! challenges and encourages at the same time. And now everyone can hear this message. Click here to order your CD or listen to the songs you would like to download.

YESTERDAY is here!


The new CD "Yesterday is coming" has arrived! A CD full of new songs from Listen Up! with their unique style, energy and message. Everyone who pre-bought a CD will find their CD soon in the mailbox - together with the thanks from everyone in Listen Up! You can also already listen to pieces of the new songs. If you would you like this new CD, you can order it today!

Our first CD "Old Stories, New Songs" can now be purchased for a special price of € 10,00 plus postage. Order a CD today and start enjoying the music and the message. "Spread the Word" and let the good news be heard!

Give us a hand!

Listen Up! is interested in bringing the good news of Jesus wherever we go. This ministry is only possible because we are helped financially by those who are also touched by this need. If you are interested in supporting this ministry, wewant to thank you. Interested? Contact us for our bank information. And thank you for your support!