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Listen Up! keeps on singing

Thank you for visiting us! For more than 15 years Listen Up! sang the gospel in Europe and around the world.In 2011 Listen Up! stopped as a group. Children were getting older and needing more time, the distances between the members seemed to grow even further, and we had a different focus, so we decided to stop singing together as Listen Up!.

It has now been more than a decade since then and we still want people to be able to enjoy the words and melodies of the songs. That is why we decided to make our songs- from "Old Stories, New Songs" and "Yesterday is Coming" - available for everyone. We think words are pretty important and still want hearts to be touched.

So you can still find us on Facebook (under Listen Up! - as musician/band). You can find lyric video's of our songs. These video's are also on Youtube of course. Keep listening to the words of God and enjoy His love.

In the meantime we are leaving the website up as a legacy of what we did and for those who are interested in seeing some of the history. We have removed a few of the links that don't matter or are not being used (myspace!). We do still have cd's if you are interested. Just drop us a line